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The Lab is your new back office with a simple to use format for managing your past and future client communications.

The Lab is your toolbox.

  • View your site statistics
  • Manage your clients and leads
  • Schedule tasks and reminders.

Agent Formula provides the necessary tools to increase your business, your web presence, and your referrals.

Client Relationship Management ( CRM )

  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Your Follow Up Schedule
  • Nurture Past Clients and Leads
  • Increase Your Business
  • Increase Your Referrals

Blogging Platform ( Automatic Market Watch Blog )

Automatic professional blogs created and sent to your leads as if you wrote them. Saves time. Ability to create your own blog posts. Great marketing tool to reach your sphere of influence.

Automated Follow Up Email Campaigns

Ever loose track of a lead or a past client? Not any more. Agent Formula automagically takes care of your new leads. It sends buyer emails to buyers, seller emails to sellers, and investor emails to investors. Agent Formula automagically continues to email all of your past clients and leads with informative content so they know that you are on top of your game.

Follow Up Is Key And Content Is King!